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It is no surprise that here on Manufacturing Revival Radio we believe Manufacturing is a critical element to the American Economy. Today we welcomed to the imageget-1.aspprogram Wisconsin’s Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch who was able to explain just how important a strong manufacturing base is for a state economy. Lt. Governor Kleefisch was kind enough to share both her time and knowledge with us, so that we could learn about many of the great programs and incentives that Wisconsin has for manufacturers.


  1. We learn how the Lt. Governor began her career and how she got elected to her current position.
  2. Why is Wisconsin a great place for manufacturers?
  3. What type of incentives are in place to encourage manufacturers to relocate to Wisconsin?
  4. We learn about Wisconsin’s small business regulatory review board and how they help educate and promote small businesses.
  5. The labor force skill gap is a problem all over America for manufacturers. What can manufacturers do to help improve this problem?
  6. Who needs to take responsibility towards improving the available workforce?
  7. What can manufacturers do to work better with the education system?
  8. We learn about a unique program for students and manufacturers in Wisconsin.
  9. Learn more about Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch by clicking here.

We really unearthed a lot of great information today that isn’t mentioned in the above. Lt. Governor Kleefisch provided great examples of how Wisconsin is truly dedicated to making sure they are a number one destination for manufacturers. Please take a moment to listen to this entire interview to hear about some of the fantastic programs they have established. Who knows, you may even hear of something that you could suggest to your own state’s Lt. Governor.


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