Tom Peters

Tom Peters

A pleasure to welcome Tom Peters to the show! Tom is the Director of Business Operations for Symbol Training Institute.

[from their website:] Symbol Job Training, Inc. is a Chicago-based educational organization which builds partnerships with businesses and students to transform lives through quality education. Symbol Job Training, Inc. provides education and hands-on training in Programming, Setup & Operation of CNC (Computerized Numerical Control) machines.

On the show, we discussed several topics including: the lack of skilled labor, and what to do about it; how do you define skilled labor; how do we prepare our children for the manufacturing jobs of today and tomorrow; does access to technology give today’s kids a leg up; what sorts of people is Symbol training; Symbol offers individual training, but also customized training for organizations; Tom talks about Symbol’s job placement record (stellar!); the future in online training; and customizing training for organizations.

Symbol is heavily involved with our community of servicemen and women who are returning back to civilian life and we are seeing an uptick in our enrollment in veterans. We want to encourage more veterans to join the manufacturing industry since they already have the requisite skill set of being mechanically inclined and having a great work ethic. Manufacturing requires a certain level of discipline and this is something that the military instills in an individual.

To learn more about the Symbol Training Institute, click here.


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