Synthetic Turf Council: Community Wellness and Environmental Responsibility

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Welcome back to Manufacturing Revival Radio! On today’s episode we are joined by Terrie Ward and Rick Doyle, Marketing & Education Director and President, respectively, of the Synthetic Turf Council.

The Synthetic Turf Council is proudly celebrating their 10th anniversary in 2013. They remain a powerful resource of information for architects, specifiers, designers , manufacturers and many more looking for industry insight. In addition, they promote synthetic turf innovation and quality by acting as a liaison between industry professionals and end user organizations. Providing educational materials to educate the market place and serving as a collective spokesman for the advocacy of the synthetic turf industry.

Key discussion topics from today’s conversation:

  • The environmental benefits of synthetic turf.TerrieWard
  • The mission and purpose of the STC.
  • The (surprising) markets for synthetic turf.
  • The exciting agenda of their upcoming spring meeting in Las Vegas.
  • The education and training they provide with their Whistle-stop seminar series.


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