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A common theme on Manufacturing Revival has always been Lean concepts and their implementation. Today we bring you a guest who has unique kevin-duggan-aug-11-1perspective on how to better utilize the concepts that continue to drive the Lean movement. We welcome to the show Kevin Duggan, Founder of the Institute for Operational Excellence and President of Duggan Associates. The Institute for Operational Excellence is an educational center for organizations and individuals interested in learning how to evolve a lean enterprise into one that can achieve and sustain operational excellence. They are able to offer training to all size businesses in nearly any industry.

Duggan Associates works in conjunction with The Institute for Operational Excellence to help implement the Lean principles with a hands-on approach. Their mission is to help their client’s employees see the flow of value that they add to the customer, and be aware of how that flow may be affected.


  1. Kevin shares with us his background and the unique skill set that led him to found the Institute for Operational Excellence.
  2. We hear how the Institute for Operational Excellence educates about using lean concepts to obtain operational excellence.
  3. Hear all about Hypertherm and why Kevin believes they should be the standard for all American Manufacturers.
  4. Teaching operational excellence within a large organization.
  5. How can we better educate organizations to achieve operational excellence.
  6. Is one answer or ten answers better?
  7. Operational excellence needs to live in corporate culture.
  8. Learn more about Kevin’s book: “Design for Operational Excellence: A Breakthrough Strategy for Business Growth”

The stories that Kevin shares throughout this fascinating discussion can not be summarized above. If you want real life examples of how to improve your business and find excellence in everything you do, then be sure not to miss this great episode of Manufacturing Revival Radio.


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