Machines building Machines (and we’re not talking about the Matrix)

We were happy to extend a welcome to today’s guest John Morehead, Vice President of Business Development at Dunkermotoren USA Inc. Dunkermotoren is a well recognized motor company in Europe who is currently growing their presence in North America. Dunkermotor, as they prefer in the North American market, has been in the motor industry for over 50 years. With a real focus on automation combined with precision German engineering, Dunkermotoren has found success in a variety of industries.

You’ve walked through a Dunkermotor powered door!

From grocery stores to hospitals and even subway trains, it is very likely that the automatic door your are walking through features an actuator powered by a Dunkermotor motor.  In fact we were surprised to learn that Dunkermotor motors power many of Manhattan’s subway doors.  This lead us to another question regarding reliability and longevity of these motors in the face of harsh conditions such as the recent flooding caused by Hurricane Sandy.  John was quick to explain that not only do the Dunkermotors manage to thrive in these difficult conditions, but that Dunkermotoren has applied the experience of dealing with such conditions to it’s entire line of products.

We were thoroughly impressed with John’s in depth knowledge and understanding of the manufacturing world and Dunkermotor’s depth of product offerings.  A lot of fascinating topics were covered during today’s interview and there is only way that you can fully absorb all of it.  So please do yourself a favor by taking a moment to listen to the interview in its entirety.


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