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Today we had a great conversation with an individual who has a unique perspective on the ability of consumers to influence their local manufacturers. Joining photo-17-1us in the Dreamland Studio was Jason Moss, Founder of NetworkingMFG.com. NetworkingMFG.com is a networking group for manufacturers located in the North Georgia area. Through their membership, manufacturers are able to leverage opportunities to meet and make strategic contacts that assist them in growing their businesses.

Today we focused on the brand new Georgia Manufacturing Expo taking place June 8th, 2013 in Gwinnett County, Georgia. Open to the public, this two day expo will highlight consumer goods produced in Georgia. With a variety of public speakers, free giveaways, and highlighting hundreds of great products made in Georgia this is sure to be a fun and educational event.


  1. We learn about Jason and why he started NetworkingMFG.com.
  2. Why the Georgia Manufacturing Expo?
  3. How come manufacturing doesn’t have more networking?
  4. We learn about some interesting products made right here in Georgia.
  5. How can networking help manufacturers?
  6. Why should consumers care about buying local?
  7. Learn the where, why and when of the upcoming Georgia Manufacturing Expo.
  8. Find out how you can learn more about products made in Georgia.
  9. Click to learn more about NetworkingMFG.com.

We really had a great time getting to know Jason and learn all about how he is helping Georgia Manufacturing. Listening to him talk really puts your consumer habits into a new perspective. We look forward to the launch of Jason’s new website BuyfromGeorgia.com which will launch along side the Georgia Manufacturing Expo on June 8th, 2013.


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