Chet NamboodriWHO: Chet Namboodri
WHAT: Global Industry Director – Manufacturing
WHERE: Cisco

Chet Namboodri brings almost twenty-three years of leadership and expertise to his role as Cisco’s Managing Director – Global Manufacturing Industry, where he is responsible to lead the global vertical go-to-market strategies, industry market insights and business relevance thought leadership, and to accelerate business solution adoption within Cisco’s top global manufacturing customers. Chet’s role includes the orchestration and enablement of scalable solutions that serve to transform manufacturing customers’ businesses with valuable new models for growth, innovation, agility, and operations excellence.

Today’s discussion topics include:

CiscoWhat exactly is the Internet of Things?

What types of devices should manufacturers be looking to bring online in the future?

What is the business value for additional connectivity in the industry?

Chet shares the experience of a large and well-known organization, and how both the pilot and the full deployment are being executive.

What are the financial impacts? [Wait ’til you there this…]

Should manufacturers be worried about the security concerns of connected factories or BYOD policies?

What is “fog computing?” How does it differ from the cloud? And again, why does this matter to manufacturing?


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