Brian Reelitz, President of Ramco Innovations

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We had a great time speaking with Brian Reelitz and Hank Norem, President and CFO of Ramco Innovations, respectively. Ramco Innovations is a leading distributor of factory automation products and solutions with a focus on great customer service and innovative product offerings


1. We learn the history and background of Ramco Innovations.

2. How has the industry changed during Ramco’s 50 years of experience.

3. What’s the best way to serve your market while providing excellent customer service?

4. Using a consultative sales approach to provide solutions.

5. How staying Lean helps organizations become competitive.

6. Maintaining a diverse customer base helps distribute risk in an uncertain economy.

7. What does Ramco see as emerging trends in Manufacturing.

8. The value of being a Association of High Technology Distributors (AHTD) member.

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10. Click here to learn more about Hank Norem.

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